Biden Did Sell His Soul to the Chinese


Joe Biden and his creepy family have surrounded themselves with layers of corruption that they can no longer hide. The longer Biden remains in politics, the more in-depth and more comprehensive that circle gets. His brother was accused of using Biden’s name to land contracts for himself. His on used his father to get a board position with a significant Ukraine gas company. He has corrupt dealings with other countries around the world that are not friendly with the United States.

All of the corruption that he has done has been done while he was in politics. Biden allows his name to influence deals just about anywhere on the planet. These deals are illegal and in violation of his oath of office. His son Hunter Biden is just the latest snake to be caught bullying people to give him what he wants out of them.

The Democrats are not as innocent with their dealings with Biden. They work hard to cover for the sad little man. They used a made-up story about Russian collusion to hide Biden’s dealings with Ukraine. They even tried to make it look like President Trump was to blame for all the mischief that took place when Biden was vice president.

But this past week, new corruption points were discovered. The latest evidence pins sleepy Joe Biden doing precisely what the Democrats tried to frame President Trump with. Biden was caught dealing with illegal loans that amounted to extremely large amounts of cash. He worked things out with the Chinese to make sure that he got the maximum amount of profit from his corrupt dealings with them.

Less than two weeks later, on August 8, 2017, $5 million was wired from a CEFC-affiliated investment vehicle to a Delaware LLC, which spent the next year transfering nearly $4.8 million directly to Hunter Biden’s firm, according to Senate investigators.

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) October 22, 2020

Biden is guilty of money laundering. It was discovered that Biden was funneling money to an LLC in his home stated. The money then travels or is directed towards his son Hunter. It would be anyone’s guess if Biden or his son paid taxes on that money. Emails obtained also show that sleepy Joe Biden could skim money off the top for himself along the way.

And then there is the issue of him paying back the massive loans. He took out a $5 million loan from the Chinese. Joe Biden is a middle-class American that made $400,000 in one year. Over the course of the next two years, he would pocket $16 million. If any other American came up with that kind of cash, they would immediately be targeted by the federal authorities and investigated. But somehow, Biden slipped under the radar.

He somehow gave himself a loan with no interest. When something like this happens, there is usually a service done in return. And in the case of the Chinese, they got something from Joe Biden. The ex-vice president cowers in fear when the Chinese look his way. This might explain why he is so nice and loving towards the communist regime.

Biden and his family are the new definitions of corruption. Their endeavors to make millions for themselves only exposes the greed of the Democratic Party. At the core of their belief is “get as much cash as you can before getting voted out of office.” The liberals and their media partners work side by side to hide their corruption.

President Trump has been saying all along that Joe Biden and his family are up to no good. He has pointed out that there is evidence coming that will tie a noose around the crazy old man’s neck. He will not be able to escape the hammer that is about to fall on his family. In the end, Biden’s wife will have to look at him through the bars of a prison.

America is great because of the Republican Party and President Donald Trump. Every promise that he made in 2016 was completed with the support of Republicans. There was not one Democrat that worked with him along the way.

President Trump has made new promises for 2021 and beyond. America needs him for another four years. The country has been on a path to greatness, and the only way to get to the end is to keep the driver at the wheel for another term.