Must See! What Really Happened Before and During the Rittenhouse Shooting


The Kyle Rittenhouse case has caused a media firestorm, as everyone races to get their opinions out there. The #FightBack Foundation is now looking to push back against the misinformation that is being spread about this case. A tragedy took place on that fateful night in Kenosha. They wanted the world to know about the teenager and all of the charity work he has done.

If you have 11 minutes to learn more about the actual truth of his life, the video is worth your time. If you are someone who has already made up your mind about Rittenhouse, you may want the click the little X at the right-hand corner of your screen. These moments have a way of coming up, whether you are expecting them or not.

We cannot hide from the truth, even if we do not like what we are being told. “Every decade or so, a legal matter arises that holds the power to negatively affect our lives for generations to come,” intones the narrator at the start of the clip. “Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you identify with, this is about you.”

This is one of the truest statements that we have seen in some time. The clip provides further background on Rittenhouse, who is not the person that some people are making him out to be. Rittenhouse started a Facebook fundraiser for a non-profit called Humanizing the Badge and that is where his budding love for law enforcement was encouraged.

Some might point out the good deeds that have been done by other murderers in the past and that is fair. All this video tries to do is provide the truth, so that people can make their own decisions. This is a lost art for the mainstream media. They are too used to pointing people in the direction that they want them to go.

The idea of allowing people to make a choice for themselves has been lost on them. Rittenhouse had a very simple goal that he was trying to accomplish: he was looking to “forge stronger relationships between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve.” That doesn’t sound like the person that the media has been presenting to us.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is offering up his platform and he provided his audience with a closer look at the video. This is the closest that the mainstream media has come to providing any sort of fair or measured take on this matter. Carlson is one of the few who is ready to offer up a more calm opinion that is not swayed by what he has seen other people say.

That’s one of the main problems with American news media. The seats are filled with reactionaries who are not looking to provide any information of value. It’s like they have already decided what they think and feel before they have even had the chance to learn about what is truly going on that day. We are not the only ones who notice.

It does not matter what side of the political spectrum you may find yourself on. Sure, there are plenty of leftists who condemn this young man and his actions but what about the current system that is in place? Even the most staunch leftist would have to admit that they are not all that confident in the current system.

No one’s concerns are being addressed and it feels like everyone is being forced to compromise on their principles. The Tucker Carlson types are not going to be as easy to sway, though. They do not allow the outrage mob to control their actions and for that, we are grateful. Hopefully, we are able to find more fair and measured coverage this year. We seem to be sorely lacking these days and it is too hard to discern who is telling the truth and who is not.